In an era of serial production, Fabulous & Baroque is a boutique furniture company who has chosen to seek beauty, individuality and excellence, following in the path of a tradition that has always, in its highest form, successfully combined formal elegance using the best materials, finishes and attention to detail in everything we create. Fabulous & Baroque creates superior collections of period furniture, drawing from the splendors of times gone by, bringing them back to life into modern design thanks to the skillful ability of the most expert craftsmen, for interiors of unrivalled glamour. The inspiration for each product, from voluptuous Baroque to ineffable Louis XVI, results in charming atmospheres in which comfort and elegance are deployed in a vast decorative range and precious traditional craft skills. Based in Austin, Texas, Fabulous & Baroque focuses on flexibility, customization and today an even richer pallet of finishes, fabrics and decorations, offering furnishing solutions capable of molding any object to meet the most varied needs of its customers. At Fabulous and Baroque, we offer quality, reproduction classic furniture with a modern twist at fabulous prices. We strive to provide beautiful and unique pieces of furniture that's not something you can find easily at cookie cutter furniture stores. It is our desire to provide outstanding home decor while maintaining a superb level of quality and customer service. Our dedication to quality control is consistent with a careful inspection of your order before we deliver it to you, so you can be confident that your furniture will last a lifetime. We are constantly evolving as we search for fabulous new objects to enrich your home! Our mission is to provide unique, one of a kind furniture for a lifetime of enjoyment!


Fabulous and Baroque is now available to Hawaii! Also if you have a certain color or fabric in mind these pieces can be fully customized to suit your needs. To see more visit , any orders or inquiries please feel free to contact us.

contact: Reina Lau

(808) 636-4564