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Specializing in Hot Rod & Kustoms, we are one of the last remaining shops left in Hawaii. From small jobs to complete builds we do it all. Keeping the traditional essence and spirit of Hot Rod & Kustoms alive is our goal, building them using good old American ingenuity & creativity is what we do.

*Welding & Fabrication, Kustom Body & Frame, Engine & Electrical, Air management, Speed Parts, Sheet metal, Design*


808 Speed Shop is hiring! body, mechanic, shop help. Experience in working with custom cars is necessary . email inquiries to 808speedshop@gmail.com ~mahalo



















1955 Ford

1951 Chevy

1959 Apache Fleetside

1964 Galaxie Country Wagon

1950 Mercury Sedan <in progress>

1950 Pontiac <completed>

1954 Chevy 4 door <completed >

1954 Chevy < completed>

1953 Chevy <completed>

1959 Chevy Apache <completed>


1950 Chevy truck <completed>

1959 Oldsmobile <completed>

1956 Cadillac <completed>



Hot Rods

1931 Chevy <shipped to the mainland>

1957 Chevy Gasser <shipped to the mainland>

1932 Ford

1934 Ford

............... 1930 Model A 808 Speed Shops Hot Rod COMING SOON




1967 Chevy Nova<completed >

1965 Ford Mustang <completed>




1958 Impala <completed>




1967 Chevelle

1964 Chevy Impala <completed>

1966 Impala<completed >

1966 Lincoln <completed>

1967 El Camino <completed>



1971 MG <completed>

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 <completed>






Whats New?


We got all kinds of things happening at the shop this year


1 Year without updating my site ! Ever since i got on instagram it has made posting progress pictures so much easier BUT i realize i have neglected this site for too long now so i will be updating it more often, Thanks for sticking around guys!!



Been absent for a long time ...heres some of the things that have been going on. Starting off with Kevins 54 Chevy getting the full treatment, currently still under the knife.



1950 Ford Shoebox came back for more work. Now cruising around with Oldsmobile headlights and frenched tailights all handmade.


making everything fit and function in the 1950 chop top mercury : cutting glass and trim


Heres more work done for the Make A Wish Hawaii Foundation...Damons beach wheelchair Hotrodded out...solar powered to run full electronics , bluetooth stereo, underglow, and more.


Angels 1939 Chevy restoration of OG running boards. Massive Rust in really hard to do spots, and kinked thru the middle. more to come.



Chevy Apache frame off the table and ready to paint.



Pontiac GTO Turbo kit fabrication. This car used to be set up with a STS turbo kit, complaint was the piping hung down way to low (it did) and the customer wanted dual mufflers, everything in stainless mandrel bent tubing, relocate the battery to the driver side, so the charge pipe could be switched over to the passenger side , and to make it tucked up so that it was out of sight..... No problem



The interior , weatherstripping , and a fabricated battery hold down and this 65 Mustang Fastback is ready to go home! Ground up build.




1979 Z28 Camaro : Making parts left and right for this build. Engine / NOS / Fuel set up



1970 Roadrunner Ground Up Pro-Touring build came into the shop : 318 comes out and the tear down begins



1965 Mustang Fastback comes in for full restoration and a lil something else in the works



Erics F100 gets a front clip



Since nobody wanted to buy the big window f100 cab and frame ive decided to have some fun with it



Welding in Tonys Metal dash for his 1980 custom vette



1966 Mustang Coupe Ground up Restoration






Seths Ford all wrapped up and back on the road.

808 Speed Shop Doing a little community service with organizer Christine at "Kids & Cars" . Moanalua Public Library. Those kids jumped right into the Ford...future customizers for sure.


The very talented artist/hot rodder Lance Sorchik from ~click~ Jumpstart Graphics


Harrys LS1 powered Chevelle Hits the road. ~completed


Kevins 66 Charger ~completed


Bronsons 66 Lincoln ~completed


Chris 66 Mustang coupe restoration


Tonys custom Corvette . start of the build: aluminum dash and center console


Pauls 1978 z28: begin build


Howards 1959 Ford f100: Engine/Transmission/Brake Swap


Roys 1958 Apache: air management


Kevins 54 Chevy: beginning of the build , front clip/4 link/air ride/chop top


Some random projects ive been working on when time permits....



Heres a random picture i caught of Kawainui marsh in front of the shop one VERY EARLY morning..Havent posted for awhile now so onto whats good


sETHS 50 fORD:Jimenez Bros 2 link Air management & Crate 350/700 swap

Ford was previously set up on 2 pump /2 battery Hydraulics . Heres the start of the work load.

squared off Engine & Transmission in

Hydraulics out old notch...its gotta go

Fabricated new xmember "notch"mocked up


Here's Chads 51 Chevy functional frenched lakes and how we flowed it into the fender. The exhust pipes went from straight 6 split manifold= thru snaked thru the smallest of places

down the frame rail=channeled thru the frame rail=into a slip fit section at the rear of the lake pipe= then added flamethrowers

flowing nicely into the fender

how the exhaust pipes enter the rear of the lake pipe


The Upsetter 57 Ford Ranchero: We learn something new every day. Learning to Lead on the shop truck.

Cleaned up and ready for my first try

then lead across the top where we peaked the nose out almost 2 inches to flow with the new grille.



1967 Chevelle : Owner Harry M. Ls1 and 5 speed TKO manual transmission/ Full UMI suspension/ Vintage Air/ Disc Brake conversion/ Custom Dash & Console.

Car is now operational and just finishing up the custom dash and center console, and fabricating the front a/c cooled bench seat. This car is loaded.

Alot more work to be done on it but its taking shape.



1966 Mustang coupe : Full Build/ Owner Chris L.

TCI front clip/ and body restoration

cowl out

cowl in

inner doors




1965 Mustang: Owner Al S/ Full Build

This car is 99% done and have the interior and trims left to restore and install. Its always the 1% that'll beat down .

the interior piece i couldnt track down anywhere..just gotta fix it

then comes the million pieces that go with it.

restored vent windows and trim


New arrival to the shop, 1969 AMC Javelin Full build: owner Ronald L

Start off with the fenderwells



Learning to use a really old antique mill i found. Needed to cut down this TPS sensor adaptor around 3/16 for hood clearance on a 1971 Ford Bronco (351 swap).

remove the vacuum tube and file down the TPS collar

adaptor cut down and TPS "frenched" in for extra clearance

and there you have it. sorry to say after i was about 90% done the motor on the mill popped so i finished it up on my drill press.



1959 Ford F100 : Owner Howard

289 Engine/ AOD Trans swap

This one just came in.. front clip off and 312/4 speed ready to come out. updates to follow soon






Happy 2014

Frame build Chevy Apache



1958 Corvette



Seths 50 Ford

First mock up of a fabricated 67 Chevelle clutch pedal assist/ratio type linkage to run hydraulic clutch/wilwood clutch master and still maintain your stock inner fenderwell

1951 Chevy Mounts for frenched lake pipes

1957 Chevy

1957 Ranchero "The Upsetter"


Allan's 1954 Pontiac hearse

Als 1965 Mustang


and another Mustang full build on Chris's 1966 Mustang. TCI front clip welded in

Steps 31 P/U



Farm find : A Hawaiian style recovery mission of a Model A



Steves Gasser leaves Hawaii for Ohio


"Bolt-in"??? Not @ my shop . Here's what we've been up to this week.

1957 Chevy Gasser engine mounts

31 Chevy Roadster

1966 Lincoln slice n dice fender drop



Masa from The Strongers CC Japan stops in for a visit.

Mahalo Strongers & Local Hero for the gifts!

Throwing up the SHAKA in his 59 Impala Wagon



We Have Succesfully Relocated the Shop

Speed Shop & Tattoo Shop Grand Opening soon...


31 Chevy Roadster


Its been a long time coming but heres my Mercury ..cutting in a plymouth grille .

66 Lincoln rear fender drop

57 Chevy Gasser build

Seths bike in primer and finally paint ...stock color denim black could be one of the hardest flat blacks to match but we got it.



Kustom Taillight for Seth


First cut on Steves Gasser . This ones shipping up to the states to see some track time when we finish.

Getting Back to work on Jasons 1931 Chevy

wwII Helmet Painted for Skylar and her venture Hi Sky! The B&W dont help at all but this is actually painted Kandy Pagan Gold, Kandy Red, Over Lace/Silver Monster Flake



A sneak peak @ 808 Speed Shops new location scheduled to open on our 2nd year anniversary in June 2013

1957 Chevy Gasser , 1951 Chevy Kustom, and a 1957 First Hawaii Autorama show survivor (32 Ford) build begins.

Roys 1958 Chevy Apache meets the pavement

Custom Hood for Jakes 71 MG

The Galaxie wagon gets the top whacked


Another killer year gone by @ 808 Speed Shop. Happy New Year to all our friends & supporters, time flies by!

Ther's NO rest for the weary! Unusual moment , i'm actually in the office.

Mr & Mz Gambino Kustoms stops in for a visit, very cool

Photo op with that famous dude Jason.

Some pipes i fabricated for the 67 Chevelle



Weiand heads , Sharp intake manifold 1x4bbl, a "Best" coil, and Harmon Collins Dual coil found locally . All going on the shop flathead powered 31 coupe.


1934 Ford Leaves the shop with ALOT more HP.

32 Plymouth electric fan/shroud fabrication

32 Exhaust plumbed

Galaxie now a 2 dr.

1971 Mg returns for fabrication work. We start with the fuel filler but stay tuned in on this one.



Laying pipes on Mr. P 's Duece


Bronsons 1950 Pontiac hood metal work

Ed's 1958 Impala goes back home

Galaxie front doors extended and filled

1958 Apache Fleetside notch and shaved fuel filler

1965 Chevelle restoration

Harry's 1967 Chevelle

Another 1967 Chevelle comes in for work

Als 65 Mustang ready for some color


A clip of our kustom galaxie wagon, part 1


1957 Ford Ranchero Kustom. 808 Speed Shop begins it's tribute to Ranchero kustoms of the past.

1958 Chevy Fleetside. Ls swap/complete body off /4 link air ride

1958 Impala fender restoration/ tubular suspension

1931 Chevy Roadster finishing the floor for the channel job

1965 Mustang the final mock up before paint.

1965 Malibu Begining of a complete rear half restoration



Going 2 door and topless with this Galaxie Wagon




1955 Ford . Making the steering arm fit after a massive drop axle and mono leaf install.

Before & After of rounding the corners of the Poncho hood.

Mahalo to Nori & his family for stopping by the shop. Keep me updated on those builds brother.



Thanks to everyone who joined us for the shops first year in business. Big Mahalos to Steve & Jessica from GRINGO's for serving up some kick ass mexican food, and all those who helped and supported along the way. We'll see you next year!


A rep from Fatlace showed up and wrote a few words also. More pictures from the party Here


More of our 16 gauge floor for the channel job


Kick A$$

31 Chevy Roadster : Building the 16 gauge floor for the channel job

The historical first mini truck build to leave 808 Speed Shop (dragging the bumper of course)

Heavy metal flaked mailbox. Scuff , Tape, Repeat


The Mrs. has become the distributor for Hawaii, making Fabulous and Baroque now available. See more here.


Keep those films coming, show your support!



Back to work on the 50 merc.


Art & Inspiration . Getting back to work on the mercs has been a long time coming.


First crack at the shops traditional Hot Rod.


A body is found for our traditional hot rod build



1930 Model A fender metal finishing



Join us this Saturday 4-28-2012 @ Pacific Autofest .


Chads cutlass gets door/trunk solenoids, a shave , and layed out.

The 31 gets it's reshaped firewall tacked back into place


The 56 Cadillac leaves the shop with GMPP's LS3 EROD transplant. A real sleeper with the body untouched and rolling basically stock....until you mash the pedal youd never know. The Nova wagon comes in to get lowered & a 34 comes in for some engine and kustom work. What else have we been up to ...pretty much everything but finishing our own cars! The 67 El Camino gets wrapped up while the 50 Pontiac gets a kustom grill. Til i See all you bastards in April!


The 31 Chevy gets channel'd


50 Pontiac bumper and floating grill


31 Chevy part I Frame build


Bronsons 1950 Pontiac goes under the knife once again

Jasons 31 gets ready for the channel job


As we creep closer to wrapping up 2011 it's hard to believe we've only been open for 5 months now. Thanks to all our friends & supporters, we're looking forward to the new year...expect to see nothing but good things from us in 2012! Happy New Year from 808 Speed Shop! Here's a trio of 400HP builds that have made it to the final mock up stages.

1967 El Camino LS1 / 4l60E , 1965 Mustang 302 Gt40 / 4spd Toploader , 1956 Cadillac LS3 6.2L / 4l65E

Roys cool Fleetside comes in for some engine mount/transmission x member fabrication. We love the louvered hood & fenders.


Starting the Kustom hood/trim/grill on the 50 Pontiac, 1931 Chevy frame gets a cleaning. Pictures are posted.


Website is under a full re-construction. Some links may not work but will return to normal soon. More new friends visiting Hawaii from OZ stop by the shop ,Jason and Ang thanks for the gifts!


Adam Blakes Mercury from OZ


Our new friends from Australia make the journey to 808 Speed Shop

Kustom is what we do

90 degree elbow welding ...................................................Kustom copper gauge panel





808 Speed Shop's 67 Nova covered in issue 1 of Local Hawaii Magazine. Read the article in the INK section.


Make sure to pay a visit to our booth next week Saturday Feb. 26 @ the NEX Pearl Harbor car show 6-10pm.


1-1-2011 *Happy New Year*


Mad Fabricators Society is an honest tribute to the hard working, everyday “Joes” that get in the garage and bleed for their machine. Each MFS DVD offers a multi-dimensional, explosive way to capture the daring, bare concepts of hot rodders, something that will leap “off the page” — images that will talk to you and show you something new each time you watch it. Each issue offers history, raucous music, beauty, artists and craftsmen, and of course some of the greatest Hot Rods and Customs ever built!! And of course the people: larger than life personalities and original thinkers that were and are way ahead of their time, like George Barris, Von Franco, Ed Roth, The Alexander Brothers, Larry Watson and everyday fabricators who have taken a remarkable piece of history and molded it to their own personal vision, a stream-lined, speeding calling card that expresses themselves far better than any word.

Volumes 1- 5.5 , and The Kustom Photography of George Barris are back in stock !


Check out this cool clip brought to my attention. Lowrider & Kustom scene in Nagoya, and a link to his shop Paradise Road in Japan.





The staff from Lightning Magazine pays us a visit. Coming all the way from Japan to do a Hawaii spread...very cool. Here's the article they wrote on us, if anyone can translate please feel free to shoot me an email.


With some time to kill i decided to Flake

The mother of ALL toilet seats!



Thanks to all who showed up to support our Open House!

And a special thanks to Jason for the artwork, Marlene Spence, 808 Tattoo, Mooneyes Pacific

Oahu HAMBers, the people slaving over the grill ALL day, Snap On Tools, Function VG

Adrenaline Konceptz, and Bucky Ball.

The beer was cold, food was good, and the conversation grand... see everyone in a few!

Aloha to our new friends Kevin, and Penny from Ooltewah Speed Shop in Tenessee.